Monday, March 25, 2013

Moustache Magazine Feature+Facebook Page

Just something I forgot, I got interviewed by these guys few weeks ago, 
Check it out here Moustache Magazine Feature! (I sound like a little air-head high on sugar, baaahtwhatevaaa)

I honestly should have read the 'about me' section of my own blog before answering any of the questions... :L My memory's apoling when Im under pressure or when I'm on the go/no proper sleep for couple of days.

Also, I got maself a Facebook page! (why? Because I dont have a proper place to refer people to when they ask for a site...I cant give them the blog link, or facebook it is :/)

The Facebook Page! Come say hi x)

I dont think I need a website yet anyways. What I do need is to draw some more stuff up though, just for fun/me :) Or go on another holiday/dissapear off into somewhere, that would be sweet.

*Off to the magic land!*

I lied. I know what I need to do -asides from the critical review and the archi assignment, I need to draw something featuring Sri lanka. I've been meaning to do this forever and ever, but haven't been able to get around it yet. I'm may not seem very patriotic to the native Srilankans or the Srilankan born 'foreigners', but I'm do have a lot in me... You cant switch on and off something like this you know >( ...well this is topic is for another day! I have a rant about nationalism/internationalism I need to get it out

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