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Hey there!

Thankyou very much for dropping by! (reallyreally!)

My name is bima...and lame as it sounds, I go by the penname yellowbee when it comes to the artyfarts. (Reference from the hotmail account that I made when I was 12. Who knew the name would actually stick around, right?) This is where I blog about...well actually, this is where I upload all my scraps and pieces of so-called 'illustrations/art'. And other random happenings in my life, or inspirations I find around out and about. And sometimes rants/waffles.

Im Sri Lankan by born/heritage, but was born and brought up in Chiba/Japan until I was 11, and then moved to the sunshine Brisbane/Australia. I'm fluent in Japanese and English, and can speak/understand Sinhalese. 
Its sometimes hard to culturally connect to any of the three said countries (I go through some cray cultural identity crisis, still haven't really figured out the 'me' I guess.) But whatever, I'm pretty comfortable with how things are going, so no point stopping now and contemplate over it.
Someone once told me '...pretty sure we will have any mismatches as we've grown up in different cultures, but that's what I like about you.' Tiny ass comment, but gave me that self-assurance again when I heard it :)

I'm currently a 3rd year architecture/landscape architecture-animation student. 

Not too sure if I enjoy it to the point where I can devote my life to it. I think my interest lies in the realm of "conceptual architectural settings in animations." Hence why I've been trying to draw the 'scenes' rather than just people/character designs. I enjoy it to the max but got much much much much more work to go. 
I used to draw with thicker black lines with the bubbliest colours, but the style if starting to shift towards more watery and fragile...lines and colours. Oh, I absolutely love stars and anything shining against the darkness :) You'll probably see many starts in my older work, and the illuminated glow in the newer ones. 

As you can probably tell I'm pretty realisticly pessimistic when I'm left all alone. Usually idioticly smiley when I'm not going through one of 'those' places. 

I think thats all? I haven't been very as active for the last two years…but trying to get back into it again! It’s so hard though, so much dedication! But yeah, thank you and welcome to all the new watchers! x)

bima/yellowbee xx

Myself and my little shoulder riding raccoon face


'It's impossible,' said pride. 
'It's risky,' said experience. 
'It's pointless,' said reason. 
'Give it a try,' whispered the heart.


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