Monday, December 16, 2013


"It's better off keeping hand full of real friends to your heart than bunch of friends around you just to fill up lonely space. I'm really over playing house with people that'll be there just so not to be unpleasant."

Change of pace!
So the drawing below, drew it for a friend of mine's 21st bday present. She's got a lovely red/orange tone hair and I really tried mimicking the colour... but turned out more strawberry than firey. Whoops!

Flower Girls. And I've been,

Quite busy, and drawings rather a lot. I really want share it to the world, stuff it down everyone's throats (fufu)...but I don't want to annoy eveyone either P:

Everyone meaning people on Facebook or Instagram. Joys of social media.

So I'm back to the blogger again! I'm don't think theres much traffic on here these days, and even if there is, it doesn't bother me too much knowing that the people who'll read this probably won't know me in real life. Beauty of semi anonymous blogging ;)

Speaking of anonymous, man!! So I've been drawing under the name Yellowbee Illustrations... but as you know, I've been involved in couple of exhibitions... It's sligghtly bit embarassing when they introduce me as 'Yellowbee' instead of 'Bima from Yellowbee Illsutrations'. Yellowbee Illustration's my brand people, and Bima is the creator!


The flower girls! I actually finished this few days ago, but I'll post the progess shot of this before other projects :P

From the left! Rose, Sunflowers, Anemone, Peony, and Aster

No special meanings, I just like those flowers. :) And wanted to draw feminine, but smart/confident types of girls. I'll go into the feminist side in a different post, got a series done just for that actually!

...Hoho, everyone was commenting on how the middle one looks like a goddess role in a fantasy RPG fighting games, so I've assigned a role for all the girls :P

Rose: Warrior
Sunflower: Archer 
Anemone: Goddess
Peony: Healer
Aster: Rogue/Theif

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why I can't keep up with the posts

Now that few years have passed, I'm starting to see the pattern (finally admitting it...)

It's not like I don't draw during the semester, I just feel guilty to show that I've been procrastinating. Specially this semester. Haha oh man, now that the results are out and I can actually say that I passed with high marks... that almost all my assignments were done in the last two days this semester. YA, I KNOW. There was so much more planning in my head (=stressin' out) than the action itself this semester. Seriously a bit of a time waster.

(Might as well have blogged, but I would have felt horrible inside, and it's an endless cycle :P)

Anyways, I did get up to few projects though :) I'll upload them little by little! But here is a little logo I made for myself while I was making Nikki's logo. Shall make it into a sticker, and stick on EEEVERythingggggg

Monday, August 19, 2013

Lolita and Lenses

It's been little busy recently with private commission work and internship for the past month and a half :) (which is a blessing seeing that it's keeping me preoccupied...but starting to feel the strain a little ever since holidays finished - obviously so, but you know)

Not sure if I can upload the works I've been doing (really need to ask about that actually, do you guys put pictures up of your private/work related stuff on your blog? If so, did you ask your boss/client if its alright to do so first?) Or am I being too paranoid...? I just dont feel right with some media, specially the unpublished magazines :/ 

But there's one project I know I can post!

A friend of mine from highschool, (a very sweet friend of mine) wanted a facebook banner and logo done for her eye contact lenses business! The bried was sweet, girly, with a theme colour of black and pink. 

Their facebook site!:

The cover (:
The official Logo

Sticker version

Just some process work. On the go with fluffy haired girls.

Actually, it was while doing this when a friend linked me to 'Bee and Puppycat' since apparently this reminded her of Bee's fluffy hair. 

So I watched it.

And gulped. Daaamn, it looks pretty much like Bee!! (And whats more, it seriously looks like I've copied it!!! OHNO D:) I sincerely promise, I really didn't know of it until Bernadine introduced me to it! But man, the similarities in general is uncanny... feels like the producers of Bee and Puppycat must have been on the same wavelength as me... But I shall fangirl over Bee+Puppycat in the next post.

Til then! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

21 Shenanigans

So my 21st bday has arrived and flew by like the winter wind...

Jokes, the celebration was a bundle of warm fuzziness that lasted for a good two weeks or so. Because I'm such a b-day-celebrating person,(totally.)

Jokes (I'm hilarious,) only because my dear mother and sister went to Japan right after the actual day so the part was held two weeks afterwards, which worked out pretty alright since we were in the middle of the hell period with uni anyways.


I won't go into details, but I really am blessed to have all of the amazing people in my life. Special thanks goes to my parents and Amaya for listening to me whine and stress over this entire thing (and for all the help too of course!), Rikako for helping with the decos, Laura for the amaze-ball cupcakes, Rach for flying all the way from Melbourne, Bini who landed 2hours ago from KL to Goldcoast and came by even just for a bit... and, I'm not being materliastic, but thank you all soso much for the thoughtful and lovely gifts. My group got me an iPad...dunno how they knew that I wanted one (fyi the only apple product I've ever wanted) and to the collective friends who all got together and got me copic pens. Seriously. And lastly, the amazing staff at Sweet Delicious! I should have gotten a picture of the team, they did an amazing job on the night! Definitely a recommended hide-away Bistro/Cafe/Bar in the midst of Sunnybank Hills. 

Well I thanked some people individually, but the fact that most of the people I invited showed up made me just tear up (inside, my you), just like the time from the art show. And for people to associate me on daily basis to be pretty frank. Who would have thought, that skinny ratty looking girl who couldn't speak a word of English from ten years ago would end up with such an amazing individuals. Curious to how everything turns out to be right?   

Alright! Shall stop right here, and move on with the photos..and I've got lots of art/scribbles too :3 but thats for another time. This post is all about me and me!
What I did when I was supposed to be doing assignments :3 The back of the invitation can be seen in the next photo (got cats in them and all!)

The dessert table with Laura's fricken amaze-ball cupcakes. Thank you so much for them xx 

Rach :3 And thanks for trusting Amaya with your camera! (and for the edit you did over them too)
She's an one talented young lady, do go check out her photos (huehue, we traded framed arts/photos as bday presents to each other)

Link to her photography blog:

The group xx (minus T and Sach)

 The polaroids (courtesy of Rach), which I still havent had the chance to scan it through yet

 xx Bima

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lost in Tranquility

The Blog now has a new title!

Lost in Tranquility

Yeaheah. Because I really am right now. Well not really. Mix of wishful thinking and what I am right now. (Which makes no sense really.)

I really need to get hold of my bearings, but the me being who I am...I don't think I'll feel 100% comfortable until I accomplish my 'next' tick box in my forever long to-do-list. And because this is me we're talking about, that's going to take fooooreva :P

Well, I guess that's a good and a bad thing right? Forever exploring.


Anyways, I've got something new! Inspired by my friend Bernadine's little poem. I love the little scribble so much, so much imagery!


"It is ultimately

How the world ends

Not in fear
Nor calamity

But quiet in its stillness
And unremarkable in its impact.

Thus the world ends

For very Small,


- Bernadine Yong

She doesn't really agree with the interpretation, but this is my version. I know she wanted it to be more 'apocalyptic' feel to the picture, but I was in a good mood when I drew this. And just because something's crashing around you/finishing, doesn't mean it has to be horrible right? The part of you will stay with that memory, and a little part of you will rendition and grow into the new 'you'. 

She also wrote couple more different ones which she thought would be more suited for this. I agree, aand disagree...I mean, I think I just like the original poem too much that I'm going to be stubborn on any other ones P: Here's one of them!

They say –
If wishes were fishes
We'd cast nets out to sea

A plentiful harvest of 
Hopes and dreams


ethereal -- 
they slip through my fingers

They say 
If wishes were fishes
there is a special one for you
and me.


I do like this, except for the last bit only because I'm not really talking about lovers. If only I was eloquent enough to finish off that passage! So I moved it around, what do you guys think of this one?

ethereal -- 
they slip through my fingers.

They say –
If wishes were fishes
We'd cast nets out to sea

A plentiful harvest of 
Hopes and dreams


Friday, June 7, 2013

Of Roses Overdose and Midnight Ramble (it's that time of the semester again!)

 Finally got around to finishing her! The original was supposed to be more 'blue' and simpler...but well, this will do for now! This is also my first digital painting.


Poisonous thoughts running through me at the moment,

and not making me feel very pretty, both inside and outside :/

(If only one could talk everything out. Or that one could come down from their high horse. And stop comparing yourself to make yourself feel better. OR put you down in front of other people/your friends, which fyi, is the worse thing I think you could do to a close friends. Seriously kids, don't be an adult like this one. Or the fact that just because you couldn't choose do be/do in your life, overwhelm me with jargons and make me feel insecure with my own choices. Agh but I need to stop worrying about other people/I need to refrain myself from taking it out on other people. Get your shit together Carol!!)

...Haha, well, that's my Gemini in me coming out full force ;) Oh the forever contradicting thoughts and actions~

But seriously. 

Maybe I'm little bit on the edge since I have a design assignment due on Thursday, and I...kinda don't know what to do. I think I've lost confidence in design for a bit. But I need to do well, not just to prove to others but more so to prove to myself that I can be okay with architectural designing. (Please, please let the design me what I'm imagining in my head!!)

ps. 3D modelling software's are mega hard :( 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

IncStamp presents: Remix! - Study of 'Amanogawa'

So IncStamp had another exhibition! (Yes, already passed the opening night,) to be 100% honest, I didnt really stick with the theme too much, more like I did a rendition/my own interpretation/just a litttle bit modernized version of a famous painting...BEEECause, I honestly could not think of ANYTHing!! And man, when I'm busy, Im super busy to the point that I hardly got any decent amount of sleep for the past 3 weeks... man I'm going to age horribly :/ 

But anyways, lets start chronologically!

I got inspired to do this particular piece by Alphonse Mucha's 'Study of the Moon and the Stars' (you know how much I like glowing shizz and space/stars. Way too much.)

My 'remixed' version is of 'Amanogawa', a Japanese word for Milky Way (and also Prunus serrulata - Japanese Cherry. The flowers looks like pompoms, so cute :3 But yeah, but the colour palatte decided after seeing these flowers/trees)
...more description to come!

Bit of WIPs :) This is actually pretty interesting since the watercolour stage and digital COMPleeetely different. I need to skill it up in watercolouring before I could even think of doing something like I did with the digital version!

 The set up, but I only ended up using the palettes and the pencils

 Inking away,

 Forgot how to watercolour!!! It was mega hard. I really need to practice this again!!

 I was planning on making it simple, but then this happened so I ended up adding too much blue after this.

The line art was actually okay, very light and fluffy. But I think the look it has now goes more with the theme (ahaha or atleast thats my excuse :P)

Before, and after a little bit of stardust.
Lied, a LOT of stardust. Photoshop stardust.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Moustache Magazine Feature+Facebook Page

Just something I forgot, I got interviewed by these guys few weeks ago, 
Check it out here Moustache Magazine Feature! (I sound like a little air-head high on sugar, baaahtwhatevaaa)

I honestly should have read the 'about me' section of my own blog before answering any of the questions... :L My memory's apoling when Im under pressure or when I'm on the go/no proper sleep for couple of days.

Also, I got maself a Facebook page! (why? Because I dont have a proper place to refer people to when they ask for a site...I cant give them the blog link, or facebook it is :/)

The Facebook Page! Come say hi x)

I dont think I need a website yet anyways. What I do need is to draw some more stuff up though, just for fun/me :) Or go on another holiday/dissapear off into somewhere, that would be sweet.

*Off to the magic land!*

I lied. I know what I need to do -asides from the critical review and the archi assignment, I need to draw something featuring Sri lanka. I've been meaning to do this forever and ever, but haven't been able to get around it yet. I'm may not seem very patriotic to the native Srilankans or the Srilankan born 'foreigners', but I'm do have a lot in me... You cant switch on and off something like this you know >( ...well this is topic is for another day! I have a rant about nationalism/internationalism I need to get it out

RAW Brisbane Presents: Generation

It was amazzzing, it's been a while since going to an 'underground/art' scene...agh how I've missed it! And the fact that everyone who bought a ticket came *cue tear* that's pretty special too (felt too much love, seriously xx)

Here are few snaps from the night - None of them are mine at all btw, I forgot to take the camera with me...I know :(

Photo from

Photo from RAW Brisbane

And the rest are from Kat

So from this point on, its going to be more of a little reflection rather than a 'thank you' post. I thanked enough damnit. I worke hard by myself too, you know! I literally got no help with anything aaaat all, well except for Dad being a bit of a taxi driver on Friday...(thanks father!) ...(beside the RAW team, I thank you guys wholeheartedly!) 


Few points that I'm still a little confused about - 

1. This is the big one: I'm a little confused on how I should explain the art/style/why I'm creating. 99% of the times, it super personal. And I don't think I'm comfortable with people knowing some of the descriptions to the full extent. For an example, a lady was saying that with this particular drawing, the girl in it seemed peaceful and calm. (But really, it's more like the look of defeated after years and years of longing - I guess you  could say 'peaceful', but only because she's trying to forget)

But do I actually want to explain all that - no.

I hope my pictures speaks for themselves.  I mean, yeah obviously a bit of background information would be helpful, but I'm not going to write one of those poetic (cough-pretentious-cough) artfart descriptions to every single one of the drawings - stuff thaaat. 

I'm no 'artist', and I'm not going to be pretend to be one either.

Let's just live by that for a bit,

But then I'm afraid that the things I do might seem like it has no purpose or meaning behind it. Middle ground Bima, middle ground!

2. Am I supposed to intervene when people are intently looking at the artworks!? Like, I would have loved to chat with more people about what aspects of the stuff they liked and so on... but I felt like a little creeper standing behind the onlookers half the time. 

Haha, but pretty sure many people didn't realise that I was the artist so it was fun listening to some of the comments. But damn, I thought being a design/architecture student prepared me for the harsh criticisms...but I guess you'll never get used to the nasty ones. Ooh but I left a message note for the viewers to write messages and contacts on; probably the smartest thing I did all night! It's filled with soo much love and kindness - going to be looking through it whenever I feel useless and shit.

3. ...
I think those two were the only points. 

Actually, about what I want to do from now on. 

Something I actually need to sit down and think about properly. But after I finish my assignments though, got 2 of it due on Thursday. Back to the reality I guess!