Saturday, April 27, 2013

IncStamp presents: Remix! - Study of 'Amanogawa'

So IncStamp had another exhibition! (Yes, already passed the opening night,) to be 100% honest, I didnt really stick with the theme too much, more like I did a rendition/my own interpretation/just a litttle bit modernized version of a famous painting...BEEECause, I honestly could not think of ANYTHing!! And man, when I'm busy, Im super busy to the point that I hardly got any decent amount of sleep for the past 3 weeks... man I'm going to age horribly :/ 

But anyways, lets start chronologically!

I got inspired to do this particular piece by Alphonse Mucha's 'Study of the Moon and the Stars' (you know how much I like glowing shizz and space/stars. Way too much.)

My 'remixed' version is of 'Amanogawa', a Japanese word for Milky Way (and also Prunus serrulata - Japanese Cherry. The flowers looks like pompoms, so cute :3 But yeah, but the colour palatte decided after seeing these flowers/trees)
...more description to come!

Bit of WIPs :) This is actually pretty interesting since the watercolour stage and digital COMPleeetely different. I need to skill it up in watercolouring before I could even think of doing something like I did with the digital version!

 The set up, but I only ended up using the palettes and the pencils

 Inking away,

 Forgot how to watercolour!!! It was mega hard. I really need to practice this again!!

 I was planning on making it simple, but then this happened so I ended up adding too much blue after this.

The line art was actually okay, very light and fluffy. But I think the look it has now goes more with the theme (ahaha or atleast thats my excuse :P)

Before, and after a little bit of stardust.
Lied, a LOT of stardust. Photoshop stardust.

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