Saturday, September 29, 2012

'Post-Apocalypse Looks Pretty Good to Me'

So on the 28th of September... I contributed in my first ever group exhibition!! 

'insert hyperventilated squeal' 

It was presented by IncStamp
...Haha and yes, followings are some process works! Enjoy :)

The description:

'The Greener Future'  
 Post-apocalyptic, depopulation, deteriorated artefacts and ruins... These are some of the ideas that have been a regular trope in science fiction novels for decades. 

"But how will you react when you see your own city in such a state?"

The Greener Future depicts a satirical, yet eerily beautiful view of 'greener' future, where a series of Brisbane sceneries devoid of human and over-taken by nature are illustratedInspired by David de Vries's television documentary series 'Life After People', the illustrated scenes from Brisbane shows the impact of human extinction on environment, and the vestige of civilization that was left behind. 

Without all the speculation about how humans will be extinct, The Greener Future hopes to give viewers on alternative look at what would happen by simply taking 'us' out of the picture, and also  showing the fate of the entire civilization in terms of what will become of all we've created and worked toward as a race. Also by showing the scenes from immediate and familiar scenes, The Greener Future hopes to make the viewers wonder what will happen to their surrounding if this type of unimaginable evens occurs.

In a nutshell? I just wanted to draw the Brisbane sceneries in ruin because I've been obsessing over Life after People and works from Tokyo Genso (q fangirl squeal)

 Leaf by leaf...


Decided to chop the other part and focus on this since other section looked shit. I mean, because this shows more of what Im trying to describe...yeah, that.

Framed and ready to go

At the exhibition - Sold!

Thats right!! I actually sold my first ever exhibition piece!! Yayayy!!

Was going to write more...but I never do, do I. All I have to say for this piece is that thank goodness for colourless blender!! :P (Pretty sure I used up half the replacing ink bottle for this drawing)

Friday, August 31, 2012


This is the 'fruit' of everything I've loved and learnt to this point, and everything I got out from the the little trip to Melbourne. (Except the alleyways in the city wasn't as close to being this magical...what can I say, seems like my mind's on a whole different magical level!)

The title of the art/the name on the shop banner in the illustration is a reference to Ghibli's Whisper of the Heart's 'Chikyuya' :) Was totally marathoning Ghibli movies and Horticulture lecture podcasts while working on this!


This is actually drawn for an art charity thing! (Organisation called Arti!)
...ERRm, well bascially, 

"We'll be selling prints of contributed works in the month of September to raise money for the 
Starlight Children's Foundation."

(Also, hence why the theme was yellow and purple!)

The Final/Original
(tweeked just a litttle bit of the colour...since copic+scanner=disaster D< and also added the digital signature coz im a duck and forever forgets to sign pictures off...)

AND also, uhrfoiuhbgaohuqw, faaarout!! I was in a super rush, so I didnt wait till the ink dried...and trying to scan an A3 paper (with not dried ink!) on a A4 scanner' just asking for trouble D: Hence why theres some random horizontal line marks... stupid copics!!!

Also...the awkward cut and saw lines... I seriously only saw them just now :/ Damn, I knew I should have gotten it scanned at Officeworks or something!

Beginning of a looong long process...

Added the cat :) totes on a whim too ,)

First copic layer! (and like, a gizillion layers followed by...) 

Final/editted version, after going through loooads of photoshop actions :L

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Camera phone quality+3min photoshop jobs...
but some of them are pree neat

Melbourne, mainly CBD areas

Thursday, May 31, 2012


HMPH, so I'm not too sure how this turned out.
Actually I do know one thing; 
Am not happy at all.



First stage of copic colouring  - Instagram

Copic Final - Instagram

Copic+Photosho=Final - Instagram

Copic original 

I think everythings looking flat and one dimensional... since there isnt too many dark shadows and shade. And also the colour palette suuucks!!

Ohmygoodness you guys, any suggestions?? :/ 
Im really stuck on this one...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Edit: Gee, I only really talked about myself in here...only coz I shouldn't be blogging at all right now D: I only blogged about myself since this topic has been annoying me for past few days. Maybe one day I'll make a proper post about the whole TCK topic :)

So I was watching this guy...don't know how I got to this, but one phrase got me stuck. 

Yeah thats right. 


AKA "Third Culture Kids"


Have I been living under a rock or something, theres actually a term for this!? 

"...A Third Culture Kid (TCK) is a person who has spent a significant part of [their] developmental years outside the parents' culture. The TCK frequently builds relationships to all of the cultures, while not having full ownership in any. Although elements from each culture may be assimilated into the TCK's life experience, the sense of belonging is in relationship to others of similar background."

(totaly quoted Wiki just now, badass alert)

But anyways, yeah, I guess Australia would be filled with TCKids... but I think bringing another culture to the mix takes it to a whooole different level. No, I'm not being melodramatic or self-centric, nor do I think I'm more 'special' (in every level possible, I guess...) than the 'normal' or 'TCK'ids just because I got the 'third' mix... Its just little bit hard and lonely to culturally click on with other people. (This probs got to do with the fact that Imma down right introvert with weirdass-artfart-wanna be, but yeah, so this becomes more so of a problem.) 

I mean, wouldn't it be super duper nice to have a chat with your average TCK, aaand bring on the third mix? O: Thats like I could be talking to SL/Aus kid about places and hometowns in SL, and suddently talk about the other home town in Japan. I guess I got a couple of Lankan friends who were born and brought up in Japan, now living somewhere else... but they literally live somewhere else :( A proper chat and fb chat is totes different!!

For instance...lets just say, for a Sri Lankan person coming to Australia, yeah that would be hard, culture shock, different accent, blahblahblah, but the SL community here is fairly large, and it would be super easy to get along with other students/families who just came from there. And same thing for Japanese. (Im only pulling these two up coz...theyre the closest to home and all.)

Now, how many of you have actually heard of... lets say, an Asian born and brought up in a African country, and then moved to a western country. As for me, how many of you have heard a Srilankan born and brought up in Japan, now living in Australia?

Its so awkward and bothersome to explain when I get asked the 'where are you from' question. Because, yes, by my looks, I'm 100% Sri Lankan. Not even going to deny that, and I don't want to deny that. And I guess I am pretty lankan when you look at my daily life basis stuff. Lot of 'native' Lankan has said Im pretty much like a Australian, but...heeck no, you just don't know me well then :/

With the Australian side... yeah sure, I got a piece of paper and a passport to prove that I'm an 'Australian', but nothing beyond that defines the identification for me. Sure, I'm super westernised in the sense of mind set, but I can't really relate to the whole 'Australian culture'. (The whole 'true blue' and 'ANZAC' spirit. Mind you, I wholeheartedly respect both of said spirits, just doesn't feel like a part of it.) But I do know that my attitudes and beliefs got solidified, but will keep on changing, because I was able to spend my teenage years here. I guess in that sense I am a uber spoiled to the core, since I had that luxury to grow up in such a open minded culture. I got to meet so many different people from different countries, cultures, social and economical backgrounds... and going to MacG ovbiously played a huge role (: Also my 'rents! They are still very Srilankan, but very minded? Probably because they lived in Japan for nearly 20 years before coming here, probably mellowed down the culture shock by gizillion time.

So by looks, Im ovbiously Srilankan/Australian. I don't really care if people just passes me as that, but I can't help but say that I was 'born and brought up' in Japan when I get asked the whole 'where are you from' question. It feels like I'm trying to deny the fact that Im Srilankan though... But I'm not D: I'm just letting them know, because I will be little different from the native or TCK Srilankans. Its hard to present my self to a single culture person without sounding like 'I LOVE JAPAN' freak, because they don't understand the significance of actually been brought up in a totaly different culture. 

To be frank, I didn't even realise I was a ' foreigner' while I was in Japan. I knew I was 'Sri Lankan', but I only fully understood when I went to Australia and came back again. I didn't even know the term racism properly because I was deeply in the Japanese culture; I truly felt like a part of it. I obviously knew there were discriminations, but they happen on daily basis, and to anybody who looked or acted even a little different. And I know other foreigners in Japan got discriminated a lot... but I guess I never really thought it might have happened to me back then.

Btw, I seriously didn't get bullied while I was in Japan. People get surprised or they think I'm lying, but I honestly didn't get bullied. Im sure they were some light ones here and there... but I guess I was one happy kid :P And my friends were pretty kick ass, we would bully anybody who looked as me funny. (omg, thats sounds horrible now that I think about it!!) They still are :)

Man, I'm not sure if I was a happy-go-lucky kid or...just a clueless idiot :L

Anyways, I was saying, it is difficult to present myself as a single cultured person, because I know bits and pieces of three completely different cultures, yet most of my peers have not fully experienced any of one culture. Which technically means I have to 'act' around to accommodate to their cultural setting. Booyeah, which technically makes me a fake little...person. Im not btw!! I mean, I am still me in all three different cultures! But I don't wanna scare people away or think I'm being uber arrogant. I just wanna fit in!

Ooo there, I said it! But it is little sad that no one has really seen the real 'three cultured' me.  Probs only my fambam and...couple of friends in Japan. I mean, I got heaps of close friends here as well, but they don't need to know that side kinda thing. They won't be able to relate to it anyways, so no point pushing them 'this side' of me :LL They'll probs tell me to quit the pointless deep thinking anyways lolol. 

But but it would be nice to find some similar TCK like me in Brisbane...Anybody?? :))

Sorry for the typos d:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Your Eyes II

Okay, a shotty job since I just used my mouse to create different layers. Hopefully its much smoother than I my first trial though. I want the girl to seem like even opening her eyes are a bothersome thing for her. Hope you can get the feel of it through the gifs! The top and the bottom's sliiightly bit different (not just the framing!)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Technology these days

Wheeeeew I got blogger on my phone! These are the time when Im ubeer glad I got a phone with a keypad and a touch screen :) っんでもって日本語でもこれからブログできるし! So now I while Im on the go! Which is pretty sweet in my case since my bus rides usualy takes from 1~1.5hrs ish. (Usually just less than 1hr though.)

Am on my way to Community Centre atm, for homework help volunteering thing. I went last week for a little interview, so this is my proper first week. Eeeek!! It really is the hardest to take the first step, isn't it? D: I mean, it is hard once you get into the flow of things and 'trying to be the best you can' crap, but for me espeically, the first inital act scares me senseless.

Oh, Im talking about human interactions btw! Im good with going to new places, trying new things...but when I have to interact with a new group of people, I guess I got the butterflies rather than the excitement. The introvert in me's ready to dig a hole and hide in it forever kinda thing. And also, me being the unexpectly realisticly pessimist when Im all alone, I can never ever calm the nerves by myself. Thats why I sometimes have the burst of 'ineedtobearoundmafwends!!', just so I can get a grip on myself...aaand of course just to chill with the said friends :L

But anyways
Going under Clem 7 atm. Gee I really dont come to this side of the town at all :/


Eyaaah just finished for today :) it was pretty good, I was helping out a lovely girl (from Thai! Preetty long hair and all. Not that it matters, but she was friendly and thats always helpful) with her scientific report.

On velocity something.

Now I kinda got a confession to make... Ive never ever learnt physics at highschool :/ when they were introducing it at grade 9, I was conviniently not there since we had to go to japland... And I did natural science in grade 10 so never touched upon the world of physics...and forces..and velocity. Good thing I read random rubbish so I understood the task! (Well, the task wasn't hard but I really dont know much besides the basics...) But besides that, it was super sweet :)

Even saw a pretty cat in front of a pretty blue done up Queenslander! And now im heading off to get some dinner with Beans x)