Monday, March 25, 2013

RAW Brisbane Presents: Generation

It was amazzzing, it's been a while since going to an 'underground/art' scene...agh how I've missed it! And the fact that everyone who bought a ticket came *cue tear* that's pretty special too (felt too much love, seriously xx)

Here are few snaps from the night - None of them are mine at all btw, I forgot to take the camera with me...I know :(

Photo from

Photo from RAW Brisbane

And the rest are from Kat

So from this point on, its going to be more of a little reflection rather than a 'thank you' post. I thanked enough damnit. I worke hard by myself too, you know! I literally got no help with anything aaaat all, well except for Dad being a bit of a taxi driver on Friday...(thanks father!) ...(beside the RAW team, I thank you guys wholeheartedly!) 


Few points that I'm still a little confused about - 

1. This is the big one: I'm a little confused on how I should explain the art/style/why I'm creating. 99% of the times, it super personal. And I don't think I'm comfortable with people knowing some of the descriptions to the full extent. For an example, a lady was saying that with this particular drawing, the girl in it seemed peaceful and calm. (But really, it's more like the look of defeated after years and years of longing - I guess you  could say 'peaceful', but only because she's trying to forget)

But do I actually want to explain all that - no.

I hope my pictures speaks for themselves.  I mean, yeah obviously a bit of background information would be helpful, but I'm not going to write one of those poetic (cough-pretentious-cough) artfart descriptions to every single one of the drawings - stuff thaaat. 

I'm no 'artist', and I'm not going to be pretend to be one either.

Let's just live by that for a bit,

But then I'm afraid that the things I do might seem like it has no purpose or meaning behind it. Middle ground Bima, middle ground!

2. Am I supposed to intervene when people are intently looking at the artworks!? Like, I would have loved to chat with more people about what aspects of the stuff they liked and so on... but I felt like a little creeper standing behind the onlookers half the time. 

Haha, but pretty sure many people didn't realise that I was the artist so it was fun listening to some of the comments. But damn, I thought being a design/architecture student prepared me for the harsh criticisms...but I guess you'll never get used to the nasty ones. Ooh but I left a message note for the viewers to write messages and contacts on; probably the smartest thing I did all night! It's filled with soo much love and kindness - going to be looking through it whenever I feel useless and shit.

3. ...
I think those two were the only points. 

Actually, about what I want to do from now on. 

Something I actually need to sit down and think about properly. But after I finish my assignments though, got 2 of it due on Thursday. Back to the reality I guess!

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