Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Technology these days

Wheeeeew I got blogger on my phone! These are the time when Im ubeer glad I got a phone with a keypad and a touch screen :) っんでもって日本語でもこれからブログできるし! So now I while Im on the go! Which is pretty sweet in my case since my bus rides usualy takes from 1~1.5hrs ish. (Usually just less than 1hr though.)

Am on my way to Community Centre atm, for homework help volunteering thing. I went last week for a little interview, so this is my proper first week. Eeeek!! It really is the hardest to take the first step, isn't it? D: I mean, it is hard once you get into the flow of things and 'trying to be the best you can' crap, but for me espeically, the first inital act scares me senseless.

Oh, Im talking about human interactions btw! Im good with going to new places, trying new things...but when I have to interact with a new group of people, I guess I got the butterflies rather than the excitement. The introvert in me's ready to dig a hole and hide in it forever kinda thing. And also, me being the unexpectly realisticly pessimist when Im all alone, I can never ever calm the nerves by myself. Thats why I sometimes have the burst of 'ineedtobearoundmafwends!!', just so I can get a grip on myself...aaand of course just to chill with the said friends :L

But anyways
Going under Clem 7 atm. Gee I really dont come to this side of the town at all :/


Eyaaah just finished for today :) it was pretty good, I was helping out a lovely girl (from Thai! Preetty long hair and all. Not that it matters, but she was friendly and thats always helpful) with her scientific report.

On velocity something.

Now I kinda got a confession to make... Ive never ever learnt physics at highschool :/ when they were introducing it at grade 9, I was conviniently not there since we had to go to japland... And I did natural science in grade 10 so never touched upon the world of physics...and forces..and velocity. Good thing I read random rubbish so I understood the task! (Well, the task wasn't hard but I really dont know much besides the basics...) But besides that, it was super sweet :)

Even saw a pretty cat in front of a pretty blue done up Queenslander! And now im heading off to get some dinner with Beans x)

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