Saturday, September 29, 2012

'Post-Apocalypse Looks Pretty Good to Me'

So on the 28th of September... I contributed in my first ever group exhibition!! 

'insert hyperventilated squeal' 

It was presented by IncStamp
...Haha and yes, followings are some process works! Enjoy :)

The description:

'The Greener Future'  
 Post-apocalyptic, depopulation, deteriorated artefacts and ruins... These are some of the ideas that have been a regular trope in science fiction novels for decades. 

"But how will you react when you see your own city in such a state?"

The Greener Future depicts a satirical, yet eerily beautiful view of 'greener' future, where a series of Brisbane sceneries devoid of human and over-taken by nature are illustratedInspired by David de Vries's television documentary series 'Life After People', the illustrated scenes from Brisbane shows the impact of human extinction on environment, and the vestige of civilization that was left behind. 

Without all the speculation about how humans will be extinct, The Greener Future hopes to give viewers on alternative look at what would happen by simply taking 'us' out of the picture, and also  showing the fate of the entire civilization in terms of what will become of all we've created and worked toward as a race. Also by showing the scenes from immediate and familiar scenes, The Greener Future hopes to make the viewers wonder what will happen to their surrounding if this type of unimaginable evens occurs.

In a nutshell? I just wanted to draw the Brisbane sceneries in ruin because I've been obsessing over Life after People and works from Tokyo Genso (q fangirl squeal)

 Leaf by leaf...


Decided to chop the other part and focus on this since other section looked shit. I mean, because this shows more of what Im trying to describe...yeah, that.

Framed and ready to go

At the exhibition - Sold!

Thats right!! I actually sold my first ever exhibition piece!! Yayayy!!

Was going to write more...but I never do, do I. All I have to say for this piece is that thank goodness for colourless blender!! :P (Pretty sure I used up half the replacing ink bottle for this drawing)


Anonymous said...

Congrats again on selling your first work!! Can't wait to see what you come up with next :)

Edea said...

OMG, great!!!