Friday, August 31, 2012


This is the 'fruit' of everything I've loved and learnt to this point, and everything I got out from the the little trip to Melbourne. (Except the alleyways in the city wasn't as close to being this magical...what can I say, seems like my mind's on a whole different magical level!)

The title of the art/the name on the shop banner in the illustration is a reference to Ghibli's Whisper of the Heart's 'Chikyuya' :) Was totally marathoning Ghibli movies and Horticulture lecture podcasts while working on this!


This is actually drawn for an art charity thing! (Organisation called Arti!)
...ERRm, well bascially, 

"We'll be selling prints of contributed works in the month of September to raise money for the 
Starlight Children's Foundation."

(Also, hence why the theme was yellow and purple!)

The Final/Original
(tweeked just a litttle bit of the colour...since copic+scanner=disaster D< and also added the digital signature coz im a duck and forever forgets to sign pictures off...)

AND also, uhrfoiuhbgaohuqw, faaarout!! I was in a super rush, so I didnt wait till the ink dried...and trying to scan an A3 paper (with not dried ink!) on a A4 scanner' just asking for trouble D: Hence why theres some random horizontal line marks... stupid copics!!!

Also...the awkward cut and saw lines... I seriously only saw them just now :/ Damn, I knew I should have gotten it scanned at Officeworks or something!

Beginning of a looong long process...

Added the cat :) totes on a whim too ,)

First copic layer! (and like, a gizillion layers followed by...) 

Final/editted version, after going through loooads of photoshop actions :L


AgO said...

interesting work

very very nice

did you used digital's colour pr water colour?


littlestar cindy said...

hi yellowbee ;)
I'm so happy that you found my blog :))))
Your illustrations are lovely! :D :D