Monday, August 19, 2013

Lolita and Lenses

It's been little busy recently with private commission work and internship for the past month and a half :) (which is a blessing seeing that it's keeping me preoccupied...but starting to feel the strain a little ever since holidays finished - obviously so, but you know)

Not sure if I can upload the works I've been doing (really need to ask about that actually, do you guys put pictures up of your private/work related stuff on your blog? If so, did you ask your boss/client if its alright to do so first?) Or am I being too paranoid...? I just dont feel right with some media, specially the unpublished magazines :/ 

But there's one project I know I can post!

A friend of mine from highschool, (a very sweet friend of mine) wanted a facebook banner and logo done for her eye contact lenses business! The bried was sweet, girly, with a theme colour of black and pink. 

Their facebook site!:

The cover (:
The official Logo

Sticker version

Just some process work. On the go with fluffy haired girls.

Actually, it was while doing this when a friend linked me to 'Bee and Puppycat' since apparently this reminded her of Bee's fluffy hair. 

So I watched it.

And gulped. Daaamn, it looks pretty much like Bee!! (And whats more, it seriously looks like I've copied it!!! OHNO D:) I sincerely promise, I really didn't know of it until Bernadine introduced me to it! But man, the similarities in general is uncanny... feels like the producers of Bee and Puppycat must have been on the same wavelength as me... But I shall fangirl over Bee+Puppycat in the next post.

Til then! 

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