Thursday, July 18, 2013

21 Shenanigans

So my 21st bday has arrived and flew by like the winter wind...

Jokes, the celebration was a bundle of warm fuzziness that lasted for a good two weeks or so. Because I'm such a b-day-celebrating person,(totally.)

Jokes (I'm hilarious,) only because my dear mother and sister went to Japan right after the actual day so the part was held two weeks afterwards, which worked out pretty alright since we were in the middle of the hell period with uni anyways.


I won't go into details, but I really am blessed to have all of the amazing people in my life. Special thanks goes to my parents and Amaya for listening to me whine and stress over this entire thing (and for all the help too of course!), Rikako for helping with the decos, Laura for the amaze-ball cupcakes, Rach for flying all the way from Melbourne, Bini who landed 2hours ago from KL to Goldcoast and came by even just for a bit... and, I'm not being materliastic, but thank you all soso much for the thoughtful and lovely gifts. My group got me an iPad...dunno how they knew that I wanted one (fyi the only apple product I've ever wanted) and to the collective friends who all got together and got me copic pens. Seriously. And lastly, the amazing staff at Sweet Delicious! I should have gotten a picture of the team, they did an amazing job on the night! Definitely a recommended hide-away Bistro/Cafe/Bar in the midst of Sunnybank Hills. 

Well I thanked some people individually, but the fact that most of the people I invited showed up made me just tear up (inside, my you), just like the time from the art show. And for people to associate me on daily basis to be pretty frank. Who would have thought, that skinny ratty looking girl who couldn't speak a word of English from ten years ago would end up with such an amazing individuals. Curious to how everything turns out to be right?   

Alright! Shall stop right here, and move on with the photos..and I've got lots of art/scribbles too :3 but thats for another time. This post is all about me and me!
What I did when I was supposed to be doing assignments :3 The back of the invitation can be seen in the next photo (got cats in them and all!)

The dessert table with Laura's fricken amaze-ball cupcakes. Thank you so much for them xx 

Rach :3 And thanks for trusting Amaya with your camera! (and for the edit you did over them too)
She's an one talented young lady, do go check out her photos (huehue, we traded framed arts/photos as bday presents to each other)

Link to her photography blog:

The group xx (minus T and Sach)

 The polaroids (courtesy of Rach), which I still havent had the chance to scan it through yet

 xx Bima

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