Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why I can't keep up with the posts

Now that few years have passed, I'm starting to see the pattern (finally admitting it...)

It's not like I don't draw during the semester, I just feel guilty to show that I've been procrastinating. Specially this semester. Haha oh man, now that the results are out and I can actually say that I passed with high marks... that almost all my assignments were done in the last two days this semester. YA, I KNOW. There was so much more planning in my head (=stressin' out) than the action itself this semester. Seriously a bit of a time waster.

(Might as well have blogged, but I would have felt horrible inside, and it's an endless cycle :P)

Anyways, I did get up to few projects though :) I'll upload them little by little! But here is a little logo I made for myself while I was making Nikki's logo. Shall make it into a sticker, and stick on EEEVERythingggggg

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