Friday, June 7, 2013

Of Roses Overdose and Midnight Ramble (it's that time of the semester again!)

 Finally got around to finishing her! The original was supposed to be more 'blue' and simpler...but well, this will do for now! This is also my first digital painting.


Poisonous thoughts running through me at the moment,

and not making me feel very pretty, both inside and outside :/

(If only one could talk everything out. Or that one could come down from their high horse. And stop comparing yourself to make yourself feel better. OR put you down in front of other people/your friends, which fyi, is the worse thing I think you could do to a close friends. Seriously kids, don't be an adult like this one. Or the fact that just because you couldn't choose do be/do in your life, overwhelm me with jargons and make me feel insecure with my own choices. Agh but I need to stop worrying about other people/I need to refrain myself from taking it out on other people. Get your shit together Carol!!)

...Haha, well, that's my Gemini in me coming out full force ;) Oh the forever contradicting thoughts and actions~

But seriously. 

Maybe I'm little bit on the edge since I have a design assignment due on Thursday, and I...kinda don't know what to do. I think I've lost confidence in design for a bit. But I need to do well, not just to prove to others but more so to prove to myself that I can be okay with architectural designing. (Please, please let the design me what I'm imagining in my head!!)

ps. 3D modelling software's are mega hard :( 


Tam Hess said...

Those inner demons are the worst! Power through and remember designing under that kind of doubt and pressure is sure to create character and great work! ;) :) I'm cheering you on....LOVE LOVE your work. Her flowers are adorable and she has a lot of movement.

yellowbee said...

I know,and I'm sure you understand about the ugly self-doubt any creative minds go through, right? But thank you so much for your lovely comment :) xx