Monday, December 16, 2013


"It's better off keeping hand full of real friends to your heart than bunch of friends around you just to fill up lonely space. I'm really over playing house with people that'll be there just so not to be unpleasant."

Change of pace!
So the drawing below, drew it for a friend of mine's 21st bday present. She's got a lovely red/orange tone hair and I really tried mimicking the colour... but turned out more strawberry than firey. Whoops!

Flower Girls. And I've been,

Quite busy, and drawings rather a lot. I really want share it to the world, stuff it down everyone's throats (fufu)...but I don't want to annoy eveyone either P:

Everyone meaning people on Facebook or Instagram. Joys of social media.

So I'm back to the blogger again! I'm don't think theres much traffic on here these days, and even if there is, it doesn't bother me too much knowing that the people who'll read this probably won't know me in real life. Beauty of semi anonymous blogging ;)

Speaking of anonymous, man!! So I've been drawing under the name Yellowbee Illustrations... but as you know, I've been involved in couple of exhibitions... It's sligghtly bit embarassing when they introduce me as 'Yellowbee' instead of 'Bima from Yellowbee Illsutrations'. Yellowbee Illustration's my brand people, and Bima is the creator!


The flower girls! I actually finished this few days ago, but I'll post the progess shot of this before other projects :P

From the left! Rose, Sunflowers, Anemone, Peony, and Aster

No special meanings, I just like those flowers. :) And wanted to draw feminine, but smart/confident types of girls. I'll go into the feminist side in a different post, got a series done just for that actually!

...Hoho, everyone was commenting on how the middle one looks like a goddess role in a fantasy RPG fighting games, so I've assigned a role for all the girls :P

Rose: Warrior
Sunflower: Archer 
Anemone: Goddess
Peony: Healer
Aster: Rogue/Theif

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why I can't keep up with the posts

Now that few years have passed, I'm starting to see the pattern (finally admitting it...)

It's not like I don't draw during the semester, I just feel guilty to show that I've been procrastinating. Specially this semester. Haha oh man, now that the results are out and I can actually say that I passed with high marks... that almost all my assignments were done in the last two days this semester. YA, I KNOW. There was so much more planning in my head (=stressin' out) than the action itself this semester. Seriously a bit of a time waster.

(Might as well have blogged, but I would have felt horrible inside, and it's an endless cycle :P)

Anyways, I did get up to few projects though :) I'll upload them little by little! But here is a little logo I made for myself while I was making Nikki's logo. Shall make it into a sticker, and stick on EEEVERythingggggg