Sunday, March 1, 2015

Winter Clothes (even though it's the middle of the summer here)

Oh hi. Its 2015 already?

Happy new year :P

The top picture is just the gif version of the previous post. I truly love illustration. I love how you can set the entire story, and scene, and characters, and mood, and everything in just a picture. But I do love animation too. Being able to move the lines you've created from nothingness is pretty amazing. It also requires different set of skills from still drawings. Much more to learn.


I was in Japan for the past two months and a bit!
Will post about that a little later...


I've been reading a lot of psychological thrillers lately. Both novels and manga. One of the stories that struck me deeply was 'Nijigahara Holograph' by Inio Asano. (A random buy while waiting for the train when I was still in Japan. Best, buy, ever.) I had to read it at least 3 times to truly understand what on earth was going on, but boy oh boy. The story is set in two different chronological orders, which gets mingled and tangled up as the story progresses. Just describing in couple of words, the style is mesmerizing, the story is confusing, and content is plain disturbing.

So obviously, I needed a break from the depressing/disturbing stories. 

How do you get a break from it?

...Draw little mice in fluffy winter wear. 


Also, I really don't know why I hadn't used gauche acrylics before. Because honestly, it truly is the ideal consistency I've been looking for. I guess the years of practise with acrylics, markers, pencils, and water colour really have helped my skills over the years...and I can appreciate the wonders of gauche only because I've found the lacking element in those said medium. One thing to note: the colours don't blend very well, so you need to get a paint tube of exact hue you're after.

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